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Not since White Cowbell Oklahoma have I seen so many beautiful women inspiring the soul of rock. Without you babes, there would be no rock n roll.
...and the music kicks ass!

Much love,
~ Dave Toms
~ www.volition-aire.com
~ myspace.com/volitionaire

Well on the fast track of promoting .. you all just made my first Featured Artist and or band on my page ... come check it out .... also will be added to my website later on this week , Keep up the hard work and enjoy life boys

Much Love

Hi there ~ "Fatherly Advice" is a hoot. Pretty little song and then there are those LYRICS. Ha... entertaining... ;-)

Glad you found my artist page here at myspace. Hope you enjoyed my music, if you had a chance to listen.

Best Wishes to you!

Have a great weekend,

~ xo Lynn Carey Saylor

You guys fucking crack me up! KICK IT! - ~eViL~
great music!!! i really like it! more power to ur music! - Trojan MaN!!!
hahaha looks pretty fuckin sick lmao thanks for the add if ya got msn add me wolverine_pimp@hotmail.com so we can talk some more hahaha - Codey
Thanks for the invite. VERY interesting music, cool as well! Take care and keep in touch if and when you have the time.... Jules <3 - Jules502
hey guys your music kicks ass. thanks for the add, i will tell others about you - rob
Thanks for the add! Cool Tunes. Keep it up - Kevin
Way too Funny, Loved it! Thankx for the add and keep doing what you're doing, it's great. Check out my movie site at www.thepassingmovie.com - Horror Movie
Wow!!! Nice!!! Now this is what I call rock n roll lol. Thank you for adding me Wank Punter. Your music and your ladies are very interesting. Keep it up and let the good times roll. Later. - Jeff
Hey guys...Thanx for the add and ur music is AWESOME...well ttyl and Take Care - beautifullybroken
wank punter you're my hero!!! - dusty
I like your music, glad i had the chance to add you back and hear ya! keep up the good work. (: <3allisha. - xPinkAddictionsx
Hey, how is it going? I like your work.

I'm always looking for new artists.
Get featured on LA-Magazine! - Logoseum Artworx™

Hey guys thanks for the add. love the sound you guys rock, *in your own way*


Mona Cummings - Tattooed Outcast

Thanks for the add. wicked video!! rock on!! - Hatchet
Love the music and lyrics.
Especially the part about the "blue balls".
Hell, I've heard many a man whine about those......
So, it's real?
:> - Borderline Baby
hey thx for the add, sick tunes and even hotter ladies very nice : ) - clayton
THanks for the Add. The Songs are great!! - Dan

Merry X-mas and Happy New Year...love the music lol and keep up the work - WillieWangster, Wannabe Gangster!

thaTS funny shit.... you guys ever hit the road with that ? fuckn pure comedy if ive ever seen it !! L - lowell

luv your music - profile looks awesome! you guys rock! put me in your next music video! xoxoxo - Porn star Brooke Lane

Haha sick video, pretty dope... are u guys new or something? - sosodef_87

I like your style, keep me posted on up coming events. - JDOVEZ

Any friend of Felicia Fox, Tim Case and Mike South is a friend of mine... Tooo Funny - Porn star Regan Anthony

Much love and respect always ur gurl J Great music! - Jennessa

very interesting lyrics ; ) - Devil in Disguise

Thanks for the add Wank Punter! Your tunes make me snicker :) - Cheryl

Hi Wank Saw vid very nice. When is your band come play in Winnipeg? Your
friend Alain (Al) in Winnipeg! - Alain

Hey wut up? Great page! Looking forward to seeing your personal site on
myspace! And you better bring me something back from Hugh's....preferably
a playboy that i'll have all to myself!!!! lol - Melodie