Stepping in seamlessly for Sonic Slim who had recently departed on a pilgrimage to Mecca (he's found a higher purpose and unfortunately, it was conflicting with his fiduciary responsibility within the band), Joey is the whirling dirvish we envisioned having as the front man of WANK PUNTER ever since this group of misfits first came together.

Not one to be gun-shy for ANY reason, especially when confronted by a half-naked chic with come-hither eyes and come hither fuck-me boots (and little else to leave to the imagination), Joey is the quintessential showman par excellence! There have been rumours that the lad has hung a rat or two on ocassion but that's off the record as I couldn't verify the facts in time for this writing.

Having said that, I do believe without a shadow of a doubt that the next time you see WANK PUNTER, Joey will leave an indelible impression on your psyche. A loud and proud ladies' man, Joey is THE dude to take WANK PUNTER to the next level and beyond!

The Colonel

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