The latest wingman to join the Punter gang, the Discombobulator is truly a master of the 6 string axe. Wielding it as an extention of his body, he wills the instrument to bend and twist with an aural intensity that is sure to leave women breathless and panting for more and men to stand in awe of the dude's shere wizardy. Hence the name. For anyone who has had the experience of watching and listening to him, the typical reaction is one of stunned, wide-eyed silence.

Not only is he a great musical addition to the band, he's a great decoy to cop a feel off of any unsuspecting chic bearing witness to his magical talents!

Then there's the free satelite porn he somehow manages to beam into this fandangled crystal ball he carries. Sure beats having rabbit ears hooked up to a 12 inch black and white tv, especially on the tour bus! Though I must admit, I'm still a tad uncomfortable having him hangin' around when I'm trying to rub one out...

The Colonel

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