Cherry Poppins
Back Vocals

Descendant of the Poppins clan and named after the street her famous Aunt moved on from, it stands to reason that Cherrie can sing like a bird. But that’s where all similarity ends for Cherrie's sexual proclivities would make her poor auntie blush to a deep crimson red. Although that's not to say that Cherrie could care less for crimson. As a matter of fact, it's her favorite color... when it appears on her ass, that is.

Which is kind of how the Punters came across this wee lil lass. Fiona and Sassy were at a BDSM convention passing out WP leaflets when they came upon her, strapped to a St Andrew’s cross. According to Sassy, what was so surreal about the chance meeting was watching Cherrie being flogged to the score of Sister Suffragette.